A word from the folklore collector

Kainuu is strange. In 2003, it inspired me to take a research trip to the birthplace of my family. Gradually, I developed an idea of a communal cultural anthropology study and a work of art that encompasses all facets of life in Upper Kainuu from Russo-Swedish wars of the late 16th century (1570-1595) to this day.

Satumaarit Myllyniemi

Contact information

Satumaarit Myllyniemi
040 5117097

Travel guide to magical folklore in Kainuu, Finland to be published 17.10. The work Korpimuseo Wildwood Tales is a study, a work of art, an atlas and a role-playing game. It will be published in Finnish and English as a book with printed maps and as an e-book with electronic maps complete with GPS coordinates. The travel guide includes 313 geographic sites with stories associated with them.


Ahjolan seutu ry, Arolan maatila- ja erälomat, Arcticmedia, Lassi Rautiainen Ky, Askan ahertajat, Eero Schroderus Tmi, Eeva-Liisa Kemppainen, Esittävän taiteen yhdistys Kiannan Voima Ry, Hyrynsalmen Apteekki, Jokikylän kyläyhdistys, K-market Kemppainen, Puolanka-lehti, Ristijärven Pirtti, Domnan pirtti / Vienan Veräjä ry, Suomussalmen apteekki, Puolangan Apteekki / Veturi Apteekki, Ristijärven apteekki, Laahtasen Lomakylä, Kapsakka Ky...

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